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Lunar Coasters

  • These stunning metal coasters reflect light in a truly unique way, and add a stylish sparkle to any space.


    The Lunar Coasters are hand-hammered from 4mm thick metal plate, then laboriously polished to create a unique texture, reminiscent of the surface of the moon. The 2mm cork base is then bonded to the bottom to protect any furniture they are placed on.


  • These coasters measure 100mm in diameter by 6mm thick. Depending on the chosen material, they weigh between 87g (aluminium) and 300g (copper).


    The metal is intentionally not lacquered or protected from the atmosphere, so the brass and copper ones will develop an attractive aged look over time, with the deep points getting slowly darker, and the touched areas getting lighter.


    If you would like a mixed set (not all the same material), please get in touch and we'd be happy to make that happen.

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