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CNC Chess Set

  • The design brief for this chess set was simple: create the highest quality metal chess set ever made, and make it both completely unique, and instantly familiar.


    Weighing in at 18kg, this all-metal chess set will create a stunning centre-piece for any space. Each set represents over 15 hours of machining time on 5-axis CNC lathes. The 500mm x 500mm x 25mm board takes over 4 hours to machine from a solid aluminium billet, and weighs 14kg by itself.


    The 'white' pieces are machined from solid brass, and brushed lightly. Over time they will develop an attractive patina as the low points darken, and the high points will become shiny with use. The 'black' pieces are machined from solid steel, then are blackened to a dark blue/black finish, which will also develop into a natural aged look over the years. All pieces come with vegan suede pads, giving a satisfying metallic thud when the pieces are placed onto the aluminium board.


    The set shown in these photos has been used for several weeks, and shows the set somewhere between its brand-new, and slightly used states.


    The king measures 90mm in height, and the board uses 45mm squares, intentionally making it slightly smaller than competition size - perfect for a luxury home.


    Each set is supplied in an aluminium flight case, with CNC-cut foam inserts, beautifully displaying each piece when it's opened.

  • 10 sets were made, and all have been sold.

    We are currently not planning to make another batch, however if you're interested in purchasing a set, please get in touch.

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