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Bottle Openers

  • A collection of handmade solid brass bottle-openers for a range of different customers.


    Every bottle opener is made by Felix using a saw, a set of files, a hammer, and various grades of sandpaper.


    Each piece is made from scratch without ever measuring anything, making each customers' bottle opener completely unique.


    The opening mechanism is slowly filed away by hand until it perfectly fits the cap of a bottle with almost no free space. This exact fitment makes the opening of bottles an absolute joy, and we genuinely believe they work better than anything else you can buy.

  • Prices start at £80 excluding VAT and postage. This will buy you a bottle opener measuring roughly 15mm diameter x 130mm long, with some detailing. The bottle openers shown in these images cost between £80 and £200.


    We can make you a bottle-opener to a specific agreed budget, or else discuss the design and quote before starting.


    Each piece is made to order, so all pieces shown have already been sold, but if you'd like to commission one, drop us an email at, DM us on instagram at @felix_ure, or use the chat function in the bottom right corner.

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