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  • A collection of jewellery pieces for a range of different customers. Some were commissioned, while others were made by Felix then sold afterwards.


    Each piece is made as a one-off; some use CNC-machining, while others are entirely hand-made using forging, filing, sanding, and various other techniques.


    We can make almost anything you can imagine, using gold, silver, brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, nickel, and many other metals.


    Our designs tend to stay away from traditional delicate cast designs, and instead represent Felix's aesthetic sensibilities of simple geometric shapes and interesting textures, letting the materials and colours shine through. We don't plate materials in other materials, and we leave materials un-coated so they patina over time.

  • Each piece is quoted separately, but to give you an idea on price, simple rings go for around £30-£120 depending on material; a detailed  pendant necklace would be £100-£200; while custom pieces that involve CNC-machining will start at around the £300 mark.


    All pieces shown have already been sold, but if you'd like to commission something, drop us an email at, DM us on instagram at @felix_ure, or use the chat function in the bottom right corner.

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